Which tog is for me?

The higher the tog the warmer you’ll feel. Our duvets range between 4.5 tog & 13.5 tog. With 4.5 tog being very lightweight so it’s suitable for the summer months or for all year round use if you tend to feel too hot in bed.

10.5 tog is the most popular tog, it offers medium warmth and can be used throughout the seasons.  Even at this weight, it’s worth investing in a good quality duvet that will offer some breathability, otherwise heat will build up through the night and you’ll risk overheating, which will wake you up.

If you’re looking for a warmer duvet that you can really snuggle up in on cold nights, 13.5 tog is the one for you.  With 30% more warmth than a standard 10.5, you’ll really feel the difference.  Again, its worth investing in a good quality, breathable duvet to avoid overheating.

Our combination duvets are perfect all year round, made up of a 9 tog duvet and a 4.5 tog that can be clipped together to make an extra warm 13.5 tog duvet, so really you get 3 duvets all rolled into one. The idea is that you use the 9 tog for spring and autumn, the 4.5 tog in summer and both duvets clipped together in winter, but we’d say just play around with it until you find a right combination that suits you.

Why choose naturals?

As with many things, mother nature really is hard to beat. Feather and Down is still one of the best fillings at keeping you warm whilst staying lightweight even at high togs.  Here's our guide to what's what when it comes to Feather and Down:


Goose and Duck Down
Down are the fluffy feathers that birds use to incubate their eggs.  It’s super soft and gentle but also retains heat exceptionally well.  Because it’s so perfect at providing comfort & warmth, and because it only makes up a small proportion of a bird’s feathers, it’s considered a real indulgence.

Down is one of the finest natural insulators giving you warmth without weight. Goose Down is the the very best of the best thanks to its larger, more mature Down clusters. 

The colder the climate the bird lives in, the more insulating their Down is, which is why our Hungarian Goose Down products are amongst the best in the world.

By sorting our own Feather and Down on site, we can ensure that only the lightest Down makes it into our duvets.

Feather & Down
Feather and Down duvets are ideal if you like a little more weight in the quilt.  It'll give you the same warmth as Down but will be a little heavier.  The more Down in the mix, the lighter it will feel.  And if it’s Goose Down, it will feel lighter still.

At Snuggledown, we’re conscious of our impact on nature and the environment, which is why all of our Feather and Down are sustainably sourced, by-products of the food industry.

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 Warm        Lightweight
Scandinavian Duck Feather & Down 
Goose Feather & Down√√
Wash & Dry Me Duck Down√√√√√
Hungarian Goose Down√√√√√√√


Why choose synthetics?

Applying the latest innovations in synthetic materials allows us to enhance particular features to meet individual needs.

So if there’s something specific that you’re looking for, like our Ultimate Luxury that gently moulds to your shape for a deep, blissful night’s sleep then Synthetic maybe the choice for you.

All our synthetic pillows and duvets are non allergenic, which means there’s nothing in them that could cause allergic reactions.  Which is great for peace of mind and essential of allergy sufferers.

Perfect Comfort has been specially developed with temperature control in mind.  It contains Dacron® fibre which, like sportswear, carries heat and moisture away and releases it into the atmosphere, preventing overheating and keeping you dry and perfectly comfortable.

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Why choose wash and dry me?

Does exactly what it suggests, Wash & Dry Me can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C and dried in the tumble dryer.  

Where they differ from other washable pillows & duvets is that we have absolutely not compromised comfort in anyway, so they’re packed full of comfy Snuggledown fillings held tightly in place with premium covering fabrics.

So if you’re looking for luxury and functionality, this is the collection for you.

Take care to thoroughly dry our Wash & Dry Me Duck Feather & Down products after washing.  If they smell it’s probably because they need a bit more time in the tumble.

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Which pillow is right for me?

When it comes to pillows, one size certainly does not fit all. If you sleep on your side or have a large frame, you’ll need a firmer pillow, whereas smaller frames or back sleepers are better off with medium support. Choosing the right pillow will straighten the spine and relieve aches and pains. That’s why we’ve created a complete range of pillows to suit individual needs.

Front Sleepers

Choose a soft pillow to prevent your neck bending backwards at an angle as you sleep.

Side Sleepers

Need a firm pillow with lots of fillings to support your head, keep your spine aligned and reduce pressure on your shoulders.

Back Sleepers

Choose a medium pillow so your head is supported but you have only a very gentle curve down your neck through to your back.



Live, Love, Sleep

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