Born in Norway

Our proud Norwegian heritage has taught us a thing or two about keeping you warm, comfortable and cosy. 

Driven by a passion for innovation & faced with long, cold Norwegian winters, our founders looked to nature and found a solution that has been adopted around the world; the continental quilt, now more commonly known as the duvet!

Ever since we made that first duvet back in 1901, our expert craftsmen and women have painstakingly perfected the artisan skills of duvet making.  Our passion for innovation remains stronger than ever and our design team continue to draw inspiration from nature.

Made in Britain

Today, we combine our years of experience with the latest technologies and the very best of British research, development and workmanship.  It means our products aren’t just beautifully made: they’re also perfect for modern-day living and just right for you. 

We’re the only British manufacturer who sorts feather and down on site.  So we have greater control over what goes into our pillows and duvets so you can be sure of that you’ll be getting a top quality product.

And quality is everything at Snuggledown, our craftsmen and women take a hands-on approach.  Whether they’re filling, sewing or packing, it’s all done by hand.  We all take immense pride in what we do and it’s this passion that is the cornerstone of our success.

Live | Love | Sleep

Live life to the full: One of the best things in life is waking from a really great night’s sleep feeling bright, refreshed and ready for the day. At Snuggledown, we believe we should all sleep well to live well so that whether you’re working or playing, you have the energy to enjoy every hour of the day.

Love your bed: We hope you’ll love your bed and love the way it makes you feel. Soft, sumptuous and cosy, our duvets and pillows turn bedtime into your time. From a good night’s sleep to an afternoon nap, you’ll feel so much more than just relaxed and comfortable – you’ll feel thoroughly indulged. We think that’s something very special, and definitely something to love.

Sleep is what we know best: We’ve spent years learning how to combine the best fabrics and fillings, then adding those extra little details that make sure you have a perfect night’s rest. That’s why our products work as well as they do, and it’s why we’re the experts who’ll help you sleep deeper and rest easier, night after night.

Born in Norway - Made in Britain

Live, Love, Sleep

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